Newsletter 1/2012 - Exploration Potential in Europe

July 2012


Deep down to the ground

Nordic countries - European exploration and mining hub

The 2011 expenditure figure is an all time high by far, both for the Nordic countries and all of West Europe. The total figure for the Nordic countries is 231M EUR, which is 13 % up compared to 2010.

Why Europe needs to go deeper

In many official publications from the EU commission it is commonly stated that Europe lacks domestic resources, full stop. Is this true or is the matter more complicated?

Sakatti Discovery – A case study of persistence and partnership

The Sakatti copper - nickel - platinum group metals deposit, 150km north of the Arctic Circle in Finland, was discovered in 2009, primarily due to the ideas, determination and foresight of the team to recoginise the potential of the area.

Exploration of a new Olivine Deposit in Northen Greece

The new olivine deposit that Grecian Magnesite intends to exploit is near the village of Chromio in Western Macedonia. The deposit has a volume of 8,3 million cubic meters which corresponds to possible resources of 23,3 million tones of olivine.

Gold mining – a chance for Europe

The mining project at Rosia Montana could become a trigger for Romania’s economic development and a sign of hope in the latest economic crisis confronting the European Union.

Gold rays in Slovakia – again

An attractive gold deposit was discovered in the famous metal region and might bring propserity back.