Sakatti Discovery – A case study of persistence and partnership

A case study of persistence and partnership

In November 2011, the Anglo American Exploration team received the 5th Fennoscandian Mining Award for its Sakatti exploration discovery at the Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining (FEM) Conference in Levi, Finland. The award presented honours companies or individuals that have made an outstanding contribution to the Fennoscandian mining industry.

The Exploration team, led by Jim Coppard, was honoured to receive such recognition for their exploration work at Sakatti. The award is testament to Anglo American’s excellence in greenfields exploration and commitment to working in a safe and responsible way. The award also emphasizes the exploration potential across Fennoscandia.

The Sakatti copper - nickel - platinum group metals deposit, 150km north of the Arctic Circle in Finland, was discovered in 2009, primarily due to the ideas, determination and foresight of the team to recoginise the potential of the area. Working in the area since 2004 and understanding the ‘long term view’ needed for greenfields exploration; the team used a combination of traditional exploration techniques and state of the art in house geophysical technologies, including LT SQUID technology, to identify the project area where the deposit is located.

Another key factor in being able to realize the full potential of Sakatti was the team’s technological innovation and ability to work with skilled local companies to develop a new closed loop drilling system. Drawing on our own technical experience and through our collaboration with partners, OY KATI AB, we have developed and implemented a new closed loop drilling system.  This approach has enabled the team to drill, while reducing water use as well as significantly minimising the environmental footprint of our exploration activities. The team is an example of how working in partnership with our contractors and the local community to understand the environmental sensitivities can deliver innovative solutions that demonstrate our commitment to responsible environmental stewardship and respecting local traditional culture and livelihood needs.

Not only does Anglo American see Finland as highly prospective, we also appreciate the advantages of working in a jurisdiction which has a strong industry heritage with a fair mining code managed within a well run regulatory framework. Our work at Sakatti has also benefited from the development of Finland’s world class support service industry for mining such as Outotec and Metso. As we continue our work at Sakatti we will also be looking at other priority targets within Lapland and potential areas across Fennoscandia.

Anglo American is one of the world’s largest diversified mining companies whose Exploration business continues to be a major differentiator for the company with many of the discoveries contributing to the Group’s future growth and project pipeline. As a modern mining company, we are committed to the responsible development of our projects and working in partnership with all our stakeholders to build healthy sustainable communities.

Froydis Cameron
Anglo American