Sustaining and Promoting the Mining Heritage of Europe

Mining was, for hundreds of years one of the Bergslagen areas major sources of income, and for a long time the area was one of the worlds largest producers of metals, chiefly iron but also one or more of the elements Mn, Zn, Cu, Pb, Ag, Au, W, Co etc.

However, dramatic changes during the post-war time reduced mining and its related businesses up to a point where it almost became extinct, and at the end of the 20-th century there was only a few mines left out of what had once been hundreds. The entire industry had practically vanished.

But things are changing, metal and mineral prices have gone up due to increasing demands on the global market and the Bergslagen area is receiving new attention.

Since 2004, municipalities, counties, NGOs and companies has joined forces with the purpose of rejuvenating the mining industry in Bergslagen.

Today, a public and open economic association, owned by municipalities, private persons, and companies run a series of projects in cooperation with local public organisations, Universities with some support from the European Union aiming at:

  • Increase exploration and mining in the area.
  • Develop new methods to handle environmental problems from historical mining.
  • Increase children’s interest in science related to mining and environment.
  • Create “mining issue focused” arenas and platforms for collaboration between the more than 50 municipalities and the nine counties that administrate the Bergslagen region.
  • Develop long-term relationships between modern mining and mining/industrial heritage related tourism.
  • Stimulate and facilitate research on issues related to economic geology and mining related environmental issues in Bergslagen.
  • Increase the knowledge level related to mining at the local and regional administration.