Editorial - From Policy To Practice

Continued policy support from Brussels has found its way into many Member States’ and industry activities in the past two to three years. Efforts by all parties to riase awareness have given a new stimulus to research and projects that have been on-going for some time as well as providing the ground for new projects. At the same time many Member States have launched roundtables to discuss the role of raw materials for the reindustrialisation of Europe to bring Europe out of its long economic crisis.

These efforts embrace a wide variety of activities along the value chain and covering many different aspects of the minerals industry. The end of 2014 will see the second conference of the European Innovation Partnership of raw materials, to be held in Italy under the Italian Presidency, and 2015 will see the first reports of the EIP’s commitments.  The reports presented here provide a first insight in some of these activities and should be congratulated.

Corina Hebestreit
Director, Euromines