Despite weakening markets in the course of 2014 the European mining and minerals industry continues to follow its path to modernisation and expansion. Increased support from both governments across Europe and the European institutions in various forms have helped companies to continue to strive for growth and help Europe’s become less dependent on imports. The Raw Materials Initiative and the European Partnership on Raw Materials provide a stimulus for a whole series of projects that will make geological data as well as other mineral market relevant data more available to investors. The industry is looking forward to a whole host of calls under Horizon 2020 with emphasis on mined products along the supply chain and their applications.

Equally 2015 will see a range of meetings in the various Member States that will address raw materials and industrial policy issues. The new Commission is expected to provide additional fresh impetus for the European economy that will include our industry as an integral part.

We are looking forward to a promising 2015!

Corina Hebestreit
Director of Euromines