What we do

Euromines represents an interface between the European extractive industry and the European authorities and international or intergovernmental bodies. Euromines is establishing a constructive dialogue with governmental institutions in order to ensure early consultation in all those areas of EU policy and legislation affecting the industry, and to asserting the industry's views and positions.

Euromines advocates the extractive industry by promoting the benefit and value of both the products and the industry to society, endeavouring to uphold the industry's interests and raising public awareness accordingly.

Euromines provides a formal platform in which the members evaluate the impact of European and International policies and legislation on the industry and define common positions and actions.

Euromines activity towards the EU institutions:

  • Monitoring and evaluating the EU policies and their impact on the sector.
  • Providing inputs and comments to the EU Commission on the issues related to the extractive industry.
  • Promoting the concept of the sector’s contribution to sustainable development to the European Institutions.
  • Cooperation with EU Commission on organizing conferences focused on implementation of the EU legislation.

Did you know?

Minerals and metals represent the basis for our lives and any industrial production process. They provide everyday products and new solutions for modern infrastructure and technologies.