Fri, 2012-12-14 09:45

ICMM report on leading indicators for occupational H&S

ICMM launched a report on leading indicators for occupational health and safety in the mining industry.

"Leading indicators are used to measure the direct and indirect precursors that lead to incidents; providing an opportunity for preventative action to be taken," said ICMM's René Aguilar at the ICMM Health and Safety Conference in Santiago, Chile. This is in contrast to lagging indicators which are used after an incident has occurred.

ICMM has worked with its member companies to develop this report which offers:
  • a framework for developing leading indicators
  • a common definition of leading indicators and their limitations
  • guidance on how leading indicators can be used and implemented
  • case studies on how companies have been using them.

Applying this approach will help a company identify a set of leading indicators. The report does not offer a pre-determined list of indicators or a prescription of the steps that must be followed in each case. These must be carefully tailored to the needs and conditions faced by each company.

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