This edition of Euromines focuses on best practice in the industry as we engage with external stakeholders, primarily communities, government and regulators. There are two themes emerging from the contributions. One is the importance of social licence in enabling operations and future expansion and the second is the recognised commitment by industry to protecting the environment. The examples of CSR best practice that you will read about show how across Europe the same ideas, values and principals are being applied. So, while the countries may differ, the context in which we are all operating are similar. From Ireland to Eastern Europe and from Scandinavia to Greece and Turkey not only is society demanding more but often, the industry is providing more. Take the example from Finland, which has incorporated Canada’s Towards Sustainable Mining and, at the other end of the process, Lundin’s plans for closure of the Galmoy mine in Ireland. The importance of these initiatives, and the other work being done as showcased in this edition, can be summed up by the article title from the Czech Republic “Happy Locals, Happy Miners”. Because the alternative is also true!

Dr. Anne Monaghan
Director of Stakeholder Engagement
Dalradian Gold Limited (Northern Ireland)